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Create calendars using photos stored locally
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Make personalized calendars using your favorite picture or photos of people you actually know. Choose between various layouts, select fonts, choose colors or streamline the process using the available templates.

Photo Calendar Maker allows you to create personalized yearly or monthly calendars with your own pictures intuitively. Although it does not include a wizard, its different options are well distributed and can be set according to your needs.

Since the start, it lets you configure the basic settings such as the calendar language and the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday). After this, you can configure the paper layout, and the calendar type - yearly or monthly. The yearly calendar shows all the months in a single page. As for the monthly one, you create a single month calendar, and pay your attention to the fact, that the rest of the months are not generated automatically. Still, the option 'Save the style' allows you to generate them easily.

Whatever calendar type you choose, you can set the background, title, font type, and include your own pictures. If you are not satisfied with your design, you can use many templates that can be also modified and enhanced.

One important feature included is the 'Holidays', which allows you to use the USA, British, French, and Italy holidays, where you just have to select which country’s holidays will be displayed. Besides, you can edit or add your own special dates as holidays and they will appear in the calendar. Another important feature is the 'Collage' that allows you to insert many pictures with random positions and angles.

To conclude, I would say that this program is suitable for people looking for software to create calendars without complications, mainly because it has predefined templates and the content is automatically distributed (pictures and holidays). The only disadvantage is that you cannot manipulate the pictures that are inserted.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can add your special dates as holidays and they will appear in the calendar
  • You can insert your own pictures
  • It includes many templates
  • You can insert cliparts and edit their size and position


  • For monthly calendars, you have to create month by month separately
  • Pictures can be only inserted, but they cannot be manipulated in size or position
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